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News | July 2nd 2024

September 7-8 2024 @ Musikhuset København
We’re proud to present our very own chamber music series in Copenhagen! Read more about the concept of the festival here or in our calendar.

Hope to see you there!

・・ @across.chambermusic

News | July 1st 2024
New Portrait Video!

Our new portrait video is out and you can watch it right here! Click below:


Film produced by SCS Consultancy / Jan Flessel.

News | May 10th 2024
SINGLE DROP … now available on all streaming services!

We are hugely excited to release our brand new single – “Aria”! This brief yet mesmerizing composition by the Soviet-Polish composer Mieczysław Weinberg is a teaser for our debut album which will be recorded later this year, featuring pieces intimately connected to our quartet’s ethos and upbringing.

We stumbled across Weinberg’s “Aria” while searching for music that resonated with our ensemble’s identity and individual backgrounds. The piece felt like a perfect fit, especially given our violist’s Polish heritage and its reflection of our collective musical expression.

To record this work in the Salle Cortot in Paris was such an honour and for us the perfect start to our recording journey. We could not be more thrilled and excited for this process and can’t wait to share more music with our audience later this year!


Evidence Classics / SCS Collection for the collaboration
Salle Cortot for a wonderful hall to record in with Little Tribeca
SCS Consultancy / Jan Flessel (assisted by Mille Norvik) for the beautifully crafted video
The Danish Arts Foundation (Statens Kunstfond) for the invaluable support

Review | April 21st 2024
Frozen Moments: The elusive music of Mette Nielsen

“A phenomenal disc , then: one of the finest of young quartets presenting the fascinating music of a major compositional talent.”

Colin Clarke has written a review of our album Frozen Moments. Read the full article here.

Review | February 12th 2024
Rita Fernandes for The Strad

“The joyful stride of the Novo could not have been more different. Its rehearsal, although still disciplined, was filled with the musicians’ laughter and an eager exchange of feedback.”

“It’s easy to say in retrospect because the Novo did end up winning, but as soon as the musicians played the first chord in the Mendelssohn Quartet no.2 in A minor, I knew they would. It was so pure, perfectly balanced, packed with musicality and yet so simple in its beauty. Although I thought the Nielsen was their best performance overall, it was the climaxes in the second movement of the Mendelssohn that gave me goosebumps.”

News | January 25th 2024
Featured as VC Artists on The Violin Channel

In the upcoming period, we will be featured as VC Artists on The Violin Channel!
They will be sharing some of our memorable performances, and we will answer some questions to let you get to know us better. Check out their platforms to discover more!

News | December 6th 2023
The Danish Arts Foundation has awarded the NOVO Quartet a two-year grant of 68.000 euro

We are incredibly honored to share that we have been selected by The Danish Arts Foundation (Statens Kunstfond) for ‘The Young Artistic Elite’ program 2024-26!

This extraordinary € 68,000 grant will significantly boost our growth and will allow us to embark on numerous exciting projects, expand our ideas, and share our work globally.

Together with our friend and project consultant, Jacob Shaw, we have mapped an ambitious two-year career plan. Tours across Asia, North America, and Europe, CD recordings, professional development sessions, and growing our own chamber music festival are among our highlights.

This marks a monumental milestone for our quartet, and we’re eager for what lies ahead! A big thanks to Statens Kunstfond for the recognition – numerous doors have now swung wide open!

Review | November 4th 2023
Colin Clarke for Classical Explorer

“It is a true indicator of the stature of a performance that, as one hears it, it is well-nigh impossible to imagine it played in any other way, or better. Such performances are rare, in or out of competitions, but somehow they managed it. Daring of the quartet, too, to choose for a piece that ends quietly. No crowd pleaser this – Mendelssohn’s A minor piece is a quartet of true profundity. The NOVO quartet gave us close to perfection.”

News | November 4th 2023
8-page portrait in Magasinet KLASSISK

A couple of weeks ago, we had a chat with Jeppe Rönnow, diving into our quartet journey, our friendship, and our approach to music. Now, he has turned the conversation into an 8-page portrait!

Discover our story in the November issue of Magasinet KLASSISK.

News | October 29th 2023
1st prize and 4 special prizes at Geneva International Music Competition 2023

We’re over the moon to announce that we’ve won the 1st prize and 4 special prizes at Geneva International Music Competition..!!

This journey wouldn’t have been the same without all of you who’ve stood by us. Your support, encouragement, and warm messages have meant the world to us.

We’ve learned and grown so much in the process of preparing for this competition, thanks to our dedicated professors and mentors who have guided us every step of the way.

And, we can’t forget to express our gratitude to the competition team and our host families for making our week in Genève so smooth and wonderful

This has been an incredible experience that we will never forget!